| 15 Gvirilebi St, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0131

Eaton day in Georgia 26.10.2023


At the "Eaton's Day in Georgia" event, held on Thursday, October 26th, Digital Technologies LLC, in collaboration with the renowned American manufacturer Eaton, showcased a wide range of power supply products and accessories, including the latest power supply equipment of various capacities from EATON and TRIPP LITE by EATON.


The showcased items encompassed uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution blocks, converters, chargers, and more. The event aimed to cater to users with the highest demands on electrical equipment due to professional needs, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality electrical supply. It provided attendees with insights into the best offerings in this segment, covering both infrastructural (e.g., server, industrial, etc.) and specialized (e.g., medical consumption) directions.