| 15 Gvirilebi St, Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia

Digital Technologies L.L.C. has been proudly serving as the authorized partner for Teledyne FLIR in Georgia since 2022.


Teledyne FLIR, formerly known as FLIR Systems, stands as a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies. Renowned as a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and sensing solutions, the company specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing advanced thermal imaging, sensor systems, threat detection systems, night vision, and infrared camera systems.


Teledyne FLIR's innovative products significantly enhance perception and awareness, revolutionizing how people engage with the world around them. The company caters to diverse applications in government and defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Complementing its exceptional products, Teledyne FLIR extends technical support and repair services, underscoring its commitment to fostering a more sustainable, efficient, and secure future through best-in-class intelligent imaging and sensing solutions.



Teledyne FLIR's extensive product range includes:


  • Aerial, maritime, and land multisensor cameras
  • Unmanned flight and land capabilities
  • Drone counter systems
  • CBRNE detectors
  • Integrated visual and radar monitoring systems



For comprehensive details about Teledyne FLIR, please visit their official website: