| 15 Gvirilebi St, Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia

Digital Technologies L.L.C. takes pride in serving as the authorized representative of RTX Corporation in Georgia since 2020.



RTX Corporation, a distinguished American multinational conglomerate with over 40 years of experience, is a leading player in the aerospace and defense sectors. It holds a prominent position globally, both in terms of revenue and market capitalization.



Specializing in a comprehensive array of technology products and services, RTX Corporation caters to the aerospace and defense industries. Its expansive product portfolio includes commercial, general aviation, and military aircraft engines, engine control systems, power generation management, distribution systems, and flight systems.



Moreover, RTX Corporation is at the forefront of intelligence services and cybersecurity solutions. Engaging in special intelligence missions and software modernization, they seamlessly integrate offensive cyber operations into their defensive cyber solutions.



At RTX, the focus is on accelerating ideas to address some of the world's most significant challenges by bringing together the brightest and most innovative minds in aviation, space, and defense. As the representative of RTX Corporation, Digital Technologies L.L.C. is unwavering in its commitment to delivering these cutting-edge solutions to our esteemed clients in Georgia.




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