| 15 Gvirilebi St, Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia

Digital Technologies L.L.C. has proudly held the position of Authorized International Representative for L3Harris Communications Systems in Georgia since October 2016. L3Harris extensive portfolio encompasses Tactical Communications and Night Vision Products and Systems, with offerings that span representative services, consultancy, as well as installation and maintenance services within the country.


L3Harris stands as a distinguished leader in various domains, including tactical communications, geospatial systems, air traffic management, environmental solutions, avionics and electronic warfare, and space and intelligence. With a commitment to Powering Networks into the Future, L3Harris specializes in delivering advanced communication products, night vision technology, and integrated network solutions for the U.S. military, allied international forces, and public safety systems.


The hallmark of L3Harris lies in its sophisticated understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by the men and women who serve and protect. This understanding positions Harris as a leader in tactical and public safety communications. L3Harris is dedicated to providing both current and next-generation ground, in-vehicle, and airborne tactical radio solutions, along with integrated battlefield management systems.


Furthermore, Communication Systems, a division of L3Harris, holds the distinguished title of the world's leading producer of imaging systems and goggles for U.S. and allied warfighters. This includes cutting-edge Gen 3 night vision technology and advanced networked solutions. L3Harris extends its reach to various state and local government customers through its Public Safety and Professional Communications business. This arm of the company focuses on the development of advanced-engineered public safety radios, public safety networking solutions, and mobile broadband systems, which incorporate LTE technology.



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