| 15 Gvirilebi St, Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia

Digital Technologies L.L.C. has been proudly serving as the authorized reseller for DIBAL, S.A. in Georgia. Dibal is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing solutions based on weighing and labeling. They have been in operation since 1985.


Their product range is extensive and includes:

PC Scales: These come in various formats such as stainless steel hanging format with a receipt printer, double body format with a  label printer (also suitable for receipts), and modular format with a  linerless label printer with autocutter.


Software: They offer software for the configuration and commercial management of CS scales, and productivity control application for the food industry.


Labellers: They have automatic high-speed weigh-price labellers and touch screen manual labellers, connectable to weighing platforms for printing ” labels with weight, price, and amount information. Checkweighers: They provide high-speed automatic checkweighers for production lines.


Dibal’s solutions are used in a variety of sectors including food (poultry, meat, fruit and vegetable, dairy, bakeries, etc.), automotive, construction, chemical industry, manual tools, and more. Their applications contribute to the automation and optimization of processes such as the reception of raw materials, manufacture, dispatch of finished products, and warehouse control.


They also offer retail solutions that cover all the weighing and labeling needs in small family concerns as well as in large grocery retail stores. Their catalog includes over 200 references, which encompass retail scales for butcher shops, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable shops, etc., in a wide range of formats.


Detailed information about products and services DIBAL, S.A. offers, can be found on official