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Digital Technologies L.L.C. is proud to announce its status as an authorized partner of the esteemed US-based company Bren-Tronics Inc. As a distinguished partner, we provide a comprehensive range of their cutting-edge products and services exclusively to State Organizations in Georgia.


Founded by Leo Brenna in 1973, Bren-Tronics embarked on a mission to create batteries that would consistently deliver reliable power, particularly in critical military and industrial scenarios where failure was not an option. Initially focusing on primary batteries, they transitioned their expertise to secondary or rechargeable batteries in the 1980s. The significance of rechargeables became evident during Operation Desert Storm, underscoring their effectiveness in meeting the power needs of ground troops while streamlining logistical challenges. Bren-Tronics played a pivotal role in advancing nickel-cadmium rechargeables during this period.


From the early days of secondary batteries to the current era of sophisticated lithium-ion systems, they have excelled in engineering solutions that combine the enduring power of primary cell batteries with the exceptional reusability demanded by modern military requirements. Their commitment to innovation extends to lithium polymer chemistries, specifically designed for compatibility with solar cells and fuel cells.


Enhanced Reliability at Lower Costs

A primary advantage of rechargeable batteries lies in their cost-effectiveness compared to batteries requiring frequent replacement. Understanding the pivotal role cost plays in the success of their products, they remain steadfast in ensuring that cost savings do not compromise reliability.

Rather than developing their systems from scratch to meet military specifications, they optimize costs by integrating proven off-the-shelf technologies with their innovative solutions. Subsequently, they ruggedize their systems to meet mission requirements, resulting in consistently outperforming systems at a lower cost.


Your Comprehensive Power Solution

Bren-Tronics dedicated team of engineers collaborates closely with military and industrial clients, tailoring solutions for a diverse range of applications. From initial research and development to rigorous testing encompassing certification, first article, and UN Transportation Safety testing, they stand as your committed partners throughout every stage. Trust them to swiftly and cost-effectively field your application, ensuring seamless power solutions for your unique needs.




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