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dtech is Ultra Electronics TCS authorized partner in Georgia.

About Ultra Electronics TCS

Part of the Ultra Electronics Group, TCS provides advanced C4ISR and EW systems for ground, airborne and naval applications around the globe. Ultra Electronics, TCS is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with facilities in Ottawa.

Global leader in high-capacity radio communication systems

Ultra Electronics, TCS supplies reliable and powerful communications and networking equipment for defence systems, security and public safety applications. Its integrated solutions play a major role in the C4ISR ecosystem offering communications, IP networking, C2 support and ISR network convergence. Ultra Electronics, TCS is proud to work with leading system integrators to provide communication systems and services that can be integrated within any military architecture and fielded in any deployment scenario in the world. The company’s products meet or exceed military requirements to ensure reliable, effective and robust communications in the harshest environments.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Electronic Warfare (EW)

Ultra Electronics, TCS also specializes in the design, development and manufacture of integrated ISR and EW solutions for the international market. It has a worldwide reputation for supplying advanced, vertically integrated systems from its full breadth of EW capabilities and technology base.


Ultra Electronics, TCS traces its roots to 1903 when the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada Inc. (MWTCC) was founded in Montreal, providing long range maritime communications for ships and coastal stations starting in early 1904. On April 14, 1912 at 10:25 pm (EST), the first distress call of the Titanic was received by one of the company’s magnetic detectors at the Cape Race station in Newfoundland. In May 1920, the company initiated the first regular, scheduled radiobroadcast program in the world from its William Street facility, experimental emissions having started earlier in 1919. The company deployed the first Police mobile communication system in the country in 1930 and was offering ruggedized, rapidly deployable wireless communication solutions as early as 1934. In 1956, after supporting Canada and various allied forces with a number of

Brigade/Battalion level, vehicle level and shipborne Navy radios in WW2, the company became the first Canadian firm to design a complete microwave radio relay system, the Mid-Canada Defence Line. Manufacturing of the first tactical digital radio relay equipment for US DoD began in 1966. From 1925 to 2000, the company was known as Canadian Marconi Company (CMC). It was acquired by Ultra Electronics in 2002 and is Ultra's center of excellence for tactical communications and electronic warfare.

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About Ultra Electronics

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defence, security, transport and energy company, specialising in electronics, electro-mechanical and software solutions. Ultra’s businesses have over 160 specialist capabilities areas, broadly comprising battlespace IT, sonar systems, specialist civil transport and energy systems, defence and security equipment, civil and military aircraft equipment. Ultra has world-leading positions in many of its niches and, as an independent, non-threatening partner, is able to support the main prime contractors with specialist capabilities and solutions. Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. Ultra businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy where the local management teams are empowered to devise and implement competitive strategies that reflect their expertise in their specific niches.

Detailed information about products and services Ultra Electronics TCS offers can be found on official web site www.ultra-tcs.com