About Digital Technologies LLC (dtech) Bren-Tronics Partnership

dtech is a new authorised partner to US based company Bren-Tronics Inc. We offer complete line of their products and services to State Organizations in Georgia.

A History of Innovation

When Leo Brenna founded Bren-Tronics in 1973, he set out to produce batteries that would deliver reliable power in both military and industrial applications where failure was not an option. From our start in primary batteries, we shifted our focus to secondary or rechargeable batteries in the 1980s. When Operation Desert Storm demonstrated that rechargeables were the answer to meeting the power needs of troops on the ground while reducing their logistics load, we helped lead the way in nickel-cadmium rechargeables.

From those early secondary batteries to today's lithium-ion systems, we've succeeded in engineering solutions that deliver the staying power of primary cell batteries with the extreme reusability demanded by today's military. We continue to innovate with lithium polymer chemistries and solutions tailored for use with solar cells and fuel cells.

More Reliable and Lower Cost

One of the main benefits of rechargeable batteries is lower cost compared with batteries that must be replaced frequently. We know that cost is key to the success of our products. Yet we also know that our customers cannot afford that lower cost if it comes at the expense of reduced reliability.

Rather than designing our systems from the ground up to military specifications, we keep costs low by combining proven off-the-shelf technologies with our innovative solutions, and then ruggedizing our systems to meet mission requirements. The result is systems that out-perform at a lower cost, every time.

One-Stop Power Shop

Our staff of engineers works with our military and industrial customers to engineer solutions for every conceivable application.

From research and development to comprehensive testing - including certification, first article, and UN Transportation Safety testing - all the way through manufacturing, we are your partners every step of the way in fielding your application quickly and cost-effectively.

Facts about Bren-Tonics

1973 Founded by Leo A. Brenna, Vietnam-Era veteran.

1970s Manufactured the BA-279 and BA-270. Primary batteries for communications and electronic items such as the BA-5374/U “lipstick” battery used on survival beacons.

1980s Started manufacturing rechargeable batteries including:

· BB-586/U for the PRC-77 Radio

· BB-590 rechargeable for SINCGARS Radios

1990s Awarded contract from the U.S. Army to develop and produce the 1st family of rechargeable batteries including:

·  First Lithium-Ion batteries

·  First visual State of Charge Indicator

·  In 1992, Bren-Tronics was nominated as Small Business Prime Contract of the Year by Chester Socha from the U.S. Army Communications

Electronics Command, Ft. Monmouth, NJ. This award was for our integral role in the production of military grade batteries used by the U.S. and Allied Troops during the Persian Gulf War from August 1990 through April 1991.

2000s Awarded the "Omni Charge" contract leading to the development of the BB-2590/U battery and the SPC Charger among other critical military items.

Today Largest U.S. Military rechargeable battery supplier for communications/electronics use.

·  Developing the next-generation ruggedized portable power systems

Detailed information about products and services Bren-Tronics Inc. offers, can be found on official web site www.Bren-Tronics.com